Who Should Have Won MBGK 2013?


Moyinoluwa who happens to be a pretty girl won The MBGK crown but there seems to be some kind of outrage that the contest may have been rigged to favour her.

Now since SOME people are not satisfied with the new queen……who do you guys think should have won?
And why do you think Moyinoluwa should or should not have won this?
 More also why would the MBGK organisers handpick their queen before hand?

Our team was absent so we can’t really comment on this. That’s why we need to know what you think. whether she should have won or not.

what do you think?and if you were there,what was your observation?

To view the pictures of all the contestants, please click this link http://wp.me/p3K3nY-7z

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13 thoughts on “Who Should Have Won MBGK 2013?

  1. I rily fink moyin doesn’t worth MBKG. Mehn, her looks is way outta it even if she got it via her intelligence, I fink a true beauty pageant is a combo of beauty and brains… I rily wished Jane Odum won it…

  2. organiser and judges of mbgk are criminals, wud nt expect moji balogun of all people to b part of such act..we aint blind…how dey go call white 4 us black, we aint blind at all

  3. Moji myt nt b d problem, buh anywere dat ekele man is, d global hotels owner, is corruption u av..his d neco guy involve wif tsc….@ ekele a good name is better than riches, gold and woman

  4. @ akpos..correct people talkin, akpos talkin too, we all know u a fool now……wat best girl u talkin of, girl dat pronounced gossip as goships…jane odum is d winner, very clear and glaring…haba

  5. A frend of mine on her bbm PM wrote “if moyinoluwa is the most beautiful girl in kogi, den deres hope for ha in MBGK 2014…
    Personally Jane Odum is d winner, moyin nt qualified to b among the top 3

  6. I rily Dont See Anything abt dt Gal, I av watched series of Beauty pageants, I av witness*d sm , Nd i am rily sorry to say this, I av never Seen a QUEEN lyk Moyin,mean sm1 based in Abuja saw her pic on ma PM, and she was *is it that kogi gals are not beautiful* it was rily a bad one, M sorry organizers buh this is unacceptable, u guys ar givin Us a bad name out der , MBGK winner is JANE

  7. I’ve seen turn of events, but last 9t was just way too different, I don’t buy the final results though… And I’m pretty sure everyone feels the same way

  8. Wat u people fail 2 undastand is dat MBGK 2013’s judgement didn’t start dt nyt alone….We camped dem for days….Camp activities took 30%,online votin took 20%,Questions on d D-day took 30%,and d nice gown,sexy dances,etc on stage is jst 20%…Makin a total of 100%…Diz link is obviously for d supporters of Jane..Bt dis Jane failed two of her questions..And we shld stil crown her? HABA!!! We dnt owe anybody anytin…And abt d prices dt we didn’t present…Those who paid for der registration complete got a gift there-afta…Ask ur candidate if she paid her 5k complete…I dnt really wanna go on air to embarass anybody..Let’s jst let d sleeping dog lye…”MBGK” has come 2 stay….If u cnt take it,leave it….But b4 u make some statements,ask questions bcos we dnt crown Queens jst bcos they can dance well or they av nice gowns…Morals count!!! Thank u very much.

  9. u talk abt morals…..if ur deffination of morals was a gal hu says *fuck* all d tym…nd shake her butt to d judges…a gal dat doesnt have d poise nd ryt attitude …she was nt decent in anytin she did….u talk abt activities in camp….i heard dat jane was d one hu brought d initiative of d dance.,..u gave her a task 2 act like a mad woman which she delivered properly……she was d youngest of dem all but she still had dat carriage…u said online votin nw….jane odum had 68 votes online…..moyin had 11 or less dan dat….nw lets go to d issue of payment…..she didnt pay complete ryt…..if u knw she didnt pay complete y did u let her into d camp….u talk 2 us as if we r fools….u said d other gals hu paid completely were given dere gift….mind u i have all dere contact here nd i just contacted dem nd it was confirmed dat nt a single penny was allocated 2 dem…am very sure u guys didnt plan urselfs well….miss bayelsa hu emerged as d winner for MBGN…didnt get all her question correctly…she won bcos of her carriage,confident,her walk,her outfit,nd most of all her smile….jane smiled for 3 hours none stop…even wen she was nt announed d winner she kept on smilin…..nd by d way she didnt fail two question she failed only one….tanx alot

    • I tot i was never gonna comment on ds Again, Buh here i am seein one cheap organizer wif a cheap brain comin here to decieve Us, he thinks we av same kinda Head, Anyway my point is , *who da hell is Jane’s SupportErs * , we ar only Kogites *real blood* and we gals dont accept the cheap idiot U ve given Us as gift cos out there, the reputation of Kogi Gals is at stake! Now every1 saw that Ugly pic of our so Calld MBGK nd dey feel kogi gals Must b vewi Ugly if this is d winner of a contest, my Question is wt d Hell has come to stay is it *Most Ugly Gal In kogi* or *Most beautiful Gal in Kogi* ??? Cos Right now i m so angry! Nd i dnt lyk our beautiful Gals In Kogi bn Tagged Ugly cos of sm bunch Of Fake Contest Organizers *drops MIC*

  10. Wait ooooo is it dat kogi pple lack priti gals? Cheatin shud be done in a beta way nt in a way evribdy will see it. She’s nt worth winin dat crown!!!! Break records MBGK shud be repeated.

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