NAWTI with Jane: My MBGK Experience….by Jane Odum…#weeklyArticle

Hey guys!! So I couldn’t put up a post last week Friday. So sorry about that I’ve been at the “Most Beautiful Girl In Kogi” (MBGK) camp up till the 1st of oct and guess what? I came second. Now whether I’m cool with the results or not, I’m just grateful to my God for giving me the grace to see the event through. I really don’t feel like writing about Anything today. I just feel I should talk generally and clear the air on some issues. But on a second thought, I feel like no matter what I say, people always have their own personal view on issues. And no matter what anyone says to change that,their view is always their view.
Moving on, I really want to use this medium to give a shout out to all the MBGK contestants. We are all winners in one way or the other. All we need do is go out there and make things happen *good things to be specific*….it was a challenge which made me stronger and i thank God for the experience and the award Miss Ebony…..although am not dark…..*smiling*..but am cool with it …thanks to all my fans for the love and care,….it was both a blessing and a lesson…my biggest joy was that i met lots of characters ..good ,bad,weird,strange…but i love them all….Thanks princess Amina for making me feel loved…thanks Precious for the support..thanks big mama Ann(crying)..i would miss u a lot…thanks to my sweet christiana…thanks lami for the care…thanks Ella….love you big time…thanks Moyin for making me feel i always belonged…good luck in your dreams…thanks Maureen (always bringing life to the camp)….i love you girls…i really had fun…and to my fans on wooferbuzz You the bomb…….I’m jane and I’m still *NAWTI*

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