Geetouch vs Aseda Media Consult…..Who Owns Kogi Got Talent??

Geetouch World and Events presents “Kogi Got Talent”

Here is the good part,

Aseda Media Consults Nig Ltd also presents “Kogi Got Talent”
See screen shots of both ads above

So its all about choice my people, all you have to do is choose one……….,now on a more serious note, I spoke with people close to both of the Events organizing Outfits I.e Geetouch and Aseda Media Consult and each denied having anything to do with the other. So let’s keep our heads up and see what happens next.

But personally, I think there is nothing wrong with one organizing body having the same idea the other one has. It happens all the time…but having the same NAME is way out of it.

The main motive of both parties from what I see here is to discover talents and that’s a good thing but why the same name again?? Nigerian Idol, X Factor, Mtn project fame etc all have the same purpose and that is to *Discover Talents* but with different names. So please let the name not be the reason for any *quanta* because this idea is actually a good thing for this state,
What do you guys think about this?

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23 thoughts on “Geetouch vs Aseda Media Consult…..Who Owns Kogi Got Talent??

  1. Woke up to c ur post woofer, my advice to the talents out dere, I will rada go for geetouch KGT, reason is this (I) aseda has record of selling winners, we all c wif LITTLE MISS KOGI, I’m sure he will do same for KGT and (2) any were u see JFO, eida as a judge or organiser, there is scam, he’s a Phd holder in dat subject, remember he ws d chief judge at LITTLE MISS KOGI, wah bout, CONFLUENCE CARNIVAL, our traditional festival we calld a carnival, him chop al money meant for we entertainers….and a lot more….kogites wake up, dose 2 niggaz are criminals, dnt go 4 dere shows

  2. Aseeda want 2500, geetouch is free…..good friends out dere go for d one without pay, atleast uv got nofin to loose incase somfin unxpectd happen…use ur brain

  3. Hehehehe…aven’t even seen neither of there post, same fin happend mayb still happening sef….wif nike oshinowo faction of MISS CENTENARY and d federal govenment…hohahohehi( I lafd in hebrew).

  4. Bin hearin about dis JFO dude, jus he…u entertainers better protest n get him out from wateva post u put…he’s a bad face for kogi entertainmen

  5. @MOZ It is unfortunate you would mention JFO in this saga,this is one young man who has supported many artiste from North central Nigeria (Kogi inclusive) abd sacrificed a lot for us all as artiste. I know the story behind confluence carnival,only 12 artiste was on the bill for a 20.000 honorarium. JFO brought 630 upcoming artiste as a means of promoting and supporting their talent.I know a major act from Okun area who got 30k and many others that got 20,15,10.5 and even 2 thousand and transport + accomodation from JFO’s personal pocket. I work @ a hotel and I know how he will drive them there in his car to eat 2ice a day thru out the carnival. He handed all monies to PMAN, JFO only signed for the money and handed over to whom it concerned. You can verify all this facts from the ministry of culture and tourism. JFO didn’t make a dime from the carnival except the theme song of which all the artsie involved got paid a token from JFO’s pocket cos as I type the ministry hasn’t approved the theme song fee yet. And as per little miss Kogi,JFO wasn’t the chief judge,he was just one out of many. JFO has integrity that is why since the creation of Kogi state he has remained relevant in the industry and every governmet prefers working with him. He is even involved in both Aseda and Geetouch events cos I got the BC too and he is supporting both events financialy. I know his family and I know JFO isn’t poor. Pls let’s not tarnish a good name just out of hate.
    Aseda and Geetouch are both friends and respinsible. I know they will resolve their issues.
    Betty Uloma Ejike.

  6. @ betty uloma ejike, what a press release, sure u his secretary, cos u rili took it personal, or u one of dos gurls dat bounce on his d#ck, and tell me what sacrifice he made for artistes in d north central….JFO sacrifice for girls dat oil his piston, I knw dis dude well, and I knw lot of gurls he has slept wif in his miserable car…betty pls tell me hu he has helped, tell me hw far dey av blown in nigeria music industry..
    Oh he helped them by his vain promises in dere album launch, or after performance in event..Baba Ojonugwa alia JFO wuld bold stand up in event and tell an artiste he would go with him/her to kenya or south africa for his tour, hw many have gone wif him..NONE
    Who dash monkey banana, Someone that hasn’t tour round Kogi, promising someone a tour in outside Nigeria, dat dude lies too much..
    And hear urself miss JF0 secretary, u claimed he’s involve with both aseda and geetouch upcoming KGT, SMH for him sponsorin same show dat has same name, is dat making sense to u, only a foolish man would do dat, an elderly man like him, and if he’s dat saint u claim he is, should call both organization and tell em, you two have same dream(event) coming up, y not combine togeda and make it a hit, instead of him supportin aseda, and supportin geetouch secretly… Bad man

    • @MOZ. Spitting so much gutter language only shows your personal issues maybe wrong upbringing or partenal assault but I won’t stoop so low to reply you but I have spoken to Aseda and Gee touch and the attested to the fact that JFO has spoken to both of them even before this thread. Maybe someone told you JFO slept with your mother or sister or girlfriend but that’s ur personal issue,the JFO I know doesn’t have time for such,he is too focused. Go do your research on JFO & stop the envy,he isn’t in your class.

  7. Its a nice idea people,but d name got to b uniquely owned by one of u guys,to prevent infringment,lolll.winks! Asper law tngs nw

  8. @ BETTY ULOMA EJIKE…my best frend is a testament to his animalistic behaviour wif younger gals…so betty just shut up….MOZ u very right

  9. O young ones,Just to gain cheap popularity you run a good man down? I know JFO and he has impacted in my life and the lives of many of my friends while we were @ KSP,he was like a father. He paid my boyfriend’s fees twice and gave my friend money for her project. No one in Kogi poly ever had anything bad against him and he has one of the most beatifull lady on earth as a wife,he believes in doing good and supporting a good cause. Any girl who claims JFO slept with her is a liar. His last set of dancers (5 KSU girls) who toured with him in 2012 can testify to his fatherly role in their lives till they went for NYSC so Shade and MOZ pls get a life and stop your hate.

  10. I had to go for the primere of movie Blood and Romance when I heard JFO was the host and honestly I was impressed by the role he played @ that event. He has a very personal relationship with the who is who in Kogi state and he looks so responsible that I am bothered to as MOZ and co…”Do you really know JFO” ? I bet you don’t ..all your write ups are “hear say” cos the JFO I saw on stage today does not fit your writings. JFO left the venue(Satof) in a chaffeur driven red pegeout with 4girls @ the back seat. I saw the girls @ the after party and asked of JFO,they said he dropped off @ home and asked the driver to drop them off @ the after party. 4girls @ his beck and call yet he went home to his family. I witnessed this today. JFO isn’t that irresponsible. Don’t hate a good man cos he didn’t notice your hustle MOZ. And Shadelolade I know you and your prostituting friends so don’t make me expose your drama here. JFO won’t have dealings with your type,he is a family man & too decent.

  11. Last night I got a BB broadcast from GeeTouch and Aseda about GeeTouch Kogi Got Talent (GTKGT) which proves that they have both resolved the issues. I also know JFO waded into the matter for a possitive resolution yet we are here crucifying the innocent JFO who has no idea of all our comments,insults and negative insunuations on his person. May God bless this young man who has continued to take Kogi entertainment issues like a battle that must be won despite the hate. Lesson learnt; check facts before commenting not just hear says. Congratulations to all Kogites as KGT begins and may the best talents be gotten. Amen.

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