The Kogi Talent Hunt By Geetouch World And Events…..Update

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Gee Touch KTH, a talent hunt reality show scheduled to discover and rediscover raw talents in the people of Kogi State, started on a beautiful note as the hosts (Gloria and MC Akpala) interviewed the lineup contestants at the registration desk where each candidate was given a tag that carries there performance number.
The contestants trooped out in their large number for the audition in front of our four powerful judges. Contestants performed on songs, Dance, acting, comedy and musical instrument skill display.
The judges arrived in their glamour with a loud ovation by all present at the auditioning arena.
The show began at about 4pm when the hosts (Gloria and McAkpala) addressed the contestants to compose themselves and any immoral behaviour will disqualify them, after which the candidates were called in with there performance number to face the business of the day and showcase the talent they’ve got.
The auditioning witnessed presentation of talents ranging from good to bad while the best of the contestants were ratified into the show and the worst of worst were sent to go and rediscover what talents they truly have.
The candidates that were disqualified were given another chance to prove themselves, after the show the total number of 31 contestants qualified for the competition.
The first eviction show (quarter final) holds on the 22nd Dec, 2013 where the contestants approved after the auditioning are expected to present a better performance and task to keep them in the contest.

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