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In a historic occasion in Abuja the Federal Capital Territory, Comr. Oladele John Nihi Editor-In-Chief, Okun Ambassadors Magazine, while presenting an Award of Excellence to Engr. Michael Obanewo as OKUN YOUTH AMBASSADOR 2013 saysthis is in recognition of Engr. Michael’s numerous contribution to his community, Local Government, Kogi State and Nigeria at large having been an agent of change and a role model to youths of Okun Kingdom. “Sir, I wish to first congratulate you on this well deserved award, its a justification of your struggle for the betterment of Okun Kingdom. As a former student activist and youth mobilizer having served at various capacity both at Ayetoro Gbede Students Union where you were once their National President or during your days in your Tertiary Institution, you have proven and shown that you are a man who believe strongly and is committed to the progress Okun People, Kogi and Nigeria at large.”
Comr. Oladele continued by saying, this award was not politically motivated nor for monetary gain but purely a well deserved award as a result of Engr. Michael’s outstanding leadership qualities and humanitarian services in terms of education, employment and welfarerism of youths and the less privilege in Okun Kingdom. “On behalf of my crew, I sincerely wish to appreciate you for accepting this award and we charge you to continue to do more of your good work sir.”
Receiving the award on behalf of Engr. Michael Obanewo, Engr. Omole thanked the crew, Okun Ambassadors Magazine and sincerely apologizes on behalf of Engr. Michael for not being able to be physically present as according to him, Engr. Michael Obanewo had already concluded arrangement to be physically present but was called to attend to urgent and pressing issue at work. He continued by saying, he was not Surprised that Engr. Michael is being awarded today as OKUN YOUTH AMBASSADOR 2013 because its a well deserved award as Michael is someone who is always ready to displease himself to please his people if the need arise. “Michael has the progress and continuious development of his people at heart as he has often time demostrated that in his humanitarian assistance to people. He has successfully gotten not less than 16 graduates employement both in Etisalat and other agencies apart from his usual donations to community, widows, less privileged in the society and people who are not even from Okun Kingdom or Kogi State.”
He continued by asking the youths to be more focus and determine in whatever or wherever they find themselves and most importantly he says, the youths should try and discover themselves and look within to see what they can do for themselves while waiting for government jobs as to him, there is very little vacancies compared to the numerous applicants.
He pledge Engr. Michael’s continuous support for Okun Ambassadors Magazine as to him, this is a project all true Okun Sons and Daughters must rally round and make work because this good work must not be allow to die.

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