Guys!!! See How Not to be a Gold-Digger by Demola Rewaju

By Demola Rewaju

“The worst form of dependency
For a man is depending on
his woman.”

One of the most profound mysteries of the earth is that there is always something hidden beneath the ground. Every part of the earth has a treasure: coal, oil, diamond, gold and the biggest treasure of all: water. Even without digging too deep into the ground, planting a crop proves that nutrients abound just close to the surface.

So it is with the life of every man. Your Creator has hidden within your life precious treasures to make your life easier. The revelation of these treasures depend greatly on how diligently you’re willing to dig for it.

I don’t care how the land looks, I’m just certain there is something there if you can dig deep enough. I’ve spent years with men who had treasures in their lives but didn’t know it until after a while with persistent digging, they hit gold and made a better life for themselves.

Gold-digging is an endeavour that is best done in one’s own life rather than in the life of another. The worst form of dependence for a man is depending on his woman. It robs you of your identity and makes you doubt your own ability to produce great things. The increasing success of more and more woman should be seen as an incentive to male productivity rather than a spur to laziness and reliance on a woman.

Financial security may be a big factor with you as a man and you want your woman to be able to hold her own or show signs of financial productivity, however, letting her handle all financial responsibilities may mean that she will take control of the relationship. Women are not very good at sustaining a relationship financially except she is extraordinarily mature. Most women who have to sustain a relationship financially usually become more domineering and lose their sexual urge for the man they’re providing for.

When a woman is responsible for you financially, she will expect you to take up some other roles she would typically play especially in a marriage. The other side of this is the resentment you will feel at everything she does. If she speaks to you in a manner you don’t like, you’ll feel it is because she is financially responsible for you that she’s speaking that way.

The best way is to dig gold in your own life and make something good of your life. The gold isn’t what a woman possesses, the gold is in that woman as a person.


Shey una don hear so?

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