Hilarious | Angry Dude Replies Ladies on “Who is doing who a Favour in Marriage” Don’t Miss This!

By Wooferbuzz

Got this in my mail for a while now but after much hesitation and wahala from the sender I decided to publish the mail. This was supposedly written by an angry dude who feels the ladies take them (Guys) for a fool blah blah and so without adding a single letter to his write up, I decided to publish it the same way it came. See the write up below……


I have decided to reply all this bulls**t going around and to all dem selfish ladies who think marriage is a one way thing, this is for. You. I have reply for every of your silly and bias take on marriage.

– she changes her home – Me wey be man shey I no change my home?? Abi my papa house you follow me come sidon?

– changes her name. That’s the normal thing because we are naturally the head of the family and if you don’t want to, then don’t! Marry dangote and tell me you wouldn’t like to be called “Mrs Dangote”

– leaves her family?? My gosh you guys are just so self centered. Am I not going to leave my family too??

– Moves in with me? Don’t move in. Siddon for your papa house dey do wife from there.

– builds a home with me. Well I like the phrase ‘with me’ we are doing this together not like you are all alone.

– with respect takes every pressure from you calmly…… Respect you say? The stupid ones among us marry ladies young enough to be their grand daughter and those ones still end up calling them by their first names with little or no respect at all. Mtchwww and let’s be sincere most of you don’t take pressure calmly this days. Infact you don’t want it at all. Why do you think the divorce rate is very high in our time?

– gets pregnant for you…….ladies that is a natural phenomenon. If you really want to question that, please take it up with baba God.

– goes through severe pain during pregnancy and labour…….well take that one up with God also. Oh wait! I think I have an answer to that, *Greed* the yoruba’s will call it *ijekuje* you saw the apple, got yourselves convinced by an ordinary serpent, ate it and then you gave to us. Infact I’m pretty sure Eve had been eyeing that apple way before the serpent came along.

– She gets fat……laziness that’s the answer to that. You don’t want to get fat right? Learn from omosexy, victoria beckham, alicia keys, oge okoye and co.

– Even the kids she deliver bears your name…..well how else is everyone suppose to know you had those kids for me, if they don’t go by my name. Its not like you guys don’t sleep with other men and give the kids to us now.

– The remaining points are useless and baseless so I won’t even waste my precious time addressing thEm. Hian!

So people there you have it. Guys what do you think? Ladies what your take on this??

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