What I’d do differently if I were Linda Ikeji – Gideon Banks

Editor’s Note: Written and published 2-years ago by Gideon Banks, this interesting article is still relevant owing to the ongoing saga involving Linda Ikeji and @MrAyeDee.I don’t really blame those folks who criticize Linda Ikeji like they get paid for it.

I mean it’s natural for them to be jealous of her undeniable success. Many of them work their asses out all round the clock and get meager ‘salaries’, and the most annoying part is, no one even knows they exist. Even their bosses ignore their efforts. If I were a lady, I would have probably hated Linda Ikeji too. She’s hot and gets all the buzz plus lots of money from doing nothing blogging!

Truth be told, I envy that chick. She has the most popular blog in Nigeria! She was recently featured alongside other African women in Forbes Africa Edition where she was described as ’beauty, brains and the business of blogging’. She was also said to be the highest paid and most powerful blogger in Nigeria, which I quit agree with (as if I have a choice). Now you understand why I envy her.

Honestly, Linda has done well for herself and all her numerous readers with that blog. Many of my friends will say, ‘Her blog is my drug’! Her genuine free-spirited style reflects her realness and originality, making you feel you actually know her when you read through the contents. She’s naughty and has a way of passing her opinions across on matters without fear of being judged or misunderstood. She seems to enjoy the controversy anyway.

If I were Linda Ikeji, I would achieve more. I will reach a lot more people, make more money and use the power within my disposal to create more impacts. How?

1. I would run lindaikeji.blogspot.com more professionally without losing touch on originality.

2. I would change that annoyingly outdated outlook of the blog into something more contemporary and sleek to match my personality. With web designers like my humble self, getting a website with a good balance between functionality and aesthetics is only few conversations away. I think Linda is scared of change.

3. I would migrate to my own domain. What if Google (the owners of Blogger – the platform where lindaikeji.blogspot.com is hosted) decides to remove the blog for whatever reason like they did to makemoneyonline.blogspot.com? That blog was generating thousands of dollars daily (far more than whatever Linda makes) at the time it was deleted. I once personally contacted Linda to create a great website for her (for FREE) to be hosted on her domain when we realized the domain has been bought and kept. I’m not sure how much she said those people were charging again, but I think it’s the cost for Linda’s carelessness, sentiments apart.

4. I would involve others. Comment moderators, guest writers, site admins and a competent webmaster (that’s where I come in). Lol

5. I would create an interactive community where my readers can be registered, log in and interact like they have on Naijapals.

6. I would have a special forum (within the website) for relationship stuff to replace the shitty ‘LIB Readers’.

7. ‘Picture of the Day’, ‘Tweet of the Day’, ‘Quote of the Day’ and every other things of the day will be in their own distinctive places without interfering with the main ‘Contents of the Day’.

8. I would take better advantage of the social media. How can Linda Ikeji facebook page have 6,137 likes (at the time of writing this) while Nigerian Magazine, a website I deployed less than a year ago has over 12,000 likes? It doesn’t add up! You might want to get a professional help on that.

9. I would have interviews with great personalities across the world to be featured on the blog and create something similar to the Opera phenomenon – just an online version of it. That will have to be a personal dream anyway – something beyond just blogging.

10. I would get married. Maybe Linda needs to read my last article, 10 Reasons No Man Wants To Marry You, because I think she’s guilty of the last offense. If not she wouldn’t have insisted she can’t marry someone younger. If you know Linda, tell her I will love to marry her if she changes her mind on the age thing. Haven’t she heard ‘age is only a number’? Arrgr! (Now you think I shouldn’t be flirting, right?) Okay, disregard my last point.

Jokes apart, Linda Ikeji is doing well with her blog already, but she can do a lot better. If ‘better’ is possible, then ‘good’ is not enough. Tell her I said so. If you are also a blogger, you might want to consider some of these things.

Source http://www.thenet.ng

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