My Attitide and Confidence Got Me The Crown. Sarah Yusuf, Miss Kogi 2014 Shares This + More On CHATLOUNGE With Vicky.

By Vicky Uredo

My encounter with the new beauty queen simply took my breath away. From a conversation that started with revelation of identity to the queen’s upcoming project and more, check out this exciting interview with Queen Sarah Yusuf winner of the 2014 Miss Kogi Pageant + her picture gallery from the pageant show. Enjoy!

Let’s meet you please

My name is Sarah Yusuf, I’m from OFU local government, Kogi State. Am a 300 level student of Economics at the kogi State University.                             

You recently emerged the winner of the 2014 Miss Kogi pageant, how has the reception been so far?

I must say it has been amazing so far. Met lots of cool,interesting and exciting people its been great!  

So how did the idea of contesting for the Miss kogi crown come up?
I actually saw the advert on bbm so I just decided I’d give it a try and that’s how i got the form.     

Hmm So why do you think you were crowned as the Queen?

  I think I was crowned the Queen because of my self confidence and attitude towards others during the camping session.                              

Would you say you have fulfilled your expectations by winning the crown?

Part of it but not all yet. i believe there’s still a lot for me out there.

Do you share the minority perception that a pageant must sleep her way to take the crown?

I used to have such perception too until I contested. I got to know that in  as much as the society is corrupt,  we still have good people.  If it is about sleeping one’s way to get a crown then there could have been no need for a contest because every desperate lady would want to get down and so how many of them will be crowned? It was free, fair and very thorough.             

Should we be expecting anything from you soon? Say, upcoming projects?

Sure, I’m working on my pet project and few months from now it’ll be made obvious by the grace of God.    

Let’s talk about your love life,are you in any relationship right now?

Yes of course, I’m in a relationship.    

So if you were to describe him in one word, what would that be?

I would say the word is “Supportive”.                        

Do you have anyone or people you look up to? Let’s say a role model?

Yeah sure, Kome Osalor( Queen of Aso 2012.) Is someone I really admire.

Check out more pictures below……

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