Alleged Serial Killer: Man, 33 confesses of killing 60 people

A 33year old man, Alawunmi Oluwafemi confessed to have killed over 60 people in Ogun State.
He narrated that his venture into killing started with  his so-called attempt to survive,

which led him in joining  bad gangs with the help of a friend, Ahmed where he was allegedly forced to be initiated into Aye fraternity which is also known as the black movement of Africa. To the cult member Oluwafemi is known as an immortal assassin for his obnoxious killing.

The mystery surrounding the suspect’s invincibility, however, ended last week on a day the annual Ojude Oba festival was going on in the ancient city of Ijebu Ode.
It was gathered that he was arrested by operatives of the Special Anti Robbery Squad, Ogun State police command after a gun battle.

Now in police custody and in a sober mood, Oluwafemi told Saturday Sun the story of his life especially the powers he wielded as an axe man in the underworld and how he has hacked down more than 60 victims.

After initiation, Oluwafemi said he was taken away by his friend who took him to a house where he took his bath and changed his dress. He was then taught some of the things he needed to know as a member of the Aye fraternity cult. “It is known as orientation, where the person who introduced you will tell you the rules and regulations. The first and most important is that if you reveal their secret, you will die. The mem­bers of the cult will hunt you down and kill you. I was also taught some of the nicknames used among cult members. For instance, to shoot means to light someone up. If you hear a sen­tence like, Femi light him up, it means that you should shoot. Gun is known as four, fire as er­ayo, matchet as meche, freedom as axe, stab as enter, cartridge as red nut.”

He claimed that he was advised to secure a gun for his personal safety. “Sometime in 2010, there was a clash between Aye and another cult group known as Eiye. One of our members who was a student was killed, and there was a man­date to hack down anyone who is from Eiye. “I was always going around with a gun, anytime there is crisis. I bought it at a price of N12,500 from Ondo State. This was necessary in case there was any attack. In 2010 during Olabisi Onabanjo University matriculation ceremony, we were assigned to retaliate. As soon as we spotted one Eiye member who was vulnerable, we attacked and stabbed him till the police res­cued him. He later died on the way while most of us were arrested and remanded in prison. I was in prison for a year and some months before I was granted bail. The case was later struck out because it was a cultism case and since I had spent sometime in the prison, I was free to go.”

Back home, Oluwafemi claimed that he wanted to stay completely away from the group but when Ahmed learnt that he was free, he tracked him down. “Ahmed told me that if I stay away from them, I would be endangering my life as the other cult group might come after me since I had already stained my hands with their blood. I had no choice but to go back but I decided to fortify myself. My late father was a native doctor and I have seen him prepare charms for people. All I did was to get the eyelid of a cat, cotton, black and white thread and mixed it with my urine before I dried it up. It was the reason till date, they have not been able to arrest me or kill me. I was arrested this time because I did not come out with the charm, since there was peace among the various cult groups in the area.”

He admitted that he cannot remember all, but all those that were killed were young men who were members of another cult. “Once there is a clash, they will declare war which means that that I am free to kill. They depended on me so much to deliver whenever there is a clash which is normally paid for with human blood. In 2014, I led the team that killed someone at 911 club at Ijebu-Ode, I gunned down another at Ibadan garage, I also killed one Seun along Benin ex­pressway. I do not know where to start but to ask God to forgive me and give me another chance to live a better life. I know that I have killed more than 60 people but all of them are cultists or unclean people who must have soiled their hands one way or the other. All I want now is for God to forgive me and wash my hands clean of their blood”

On how he was arrested, Oluwafemi said he never knew that the person who was calling him on the phone was a policeman. “They tracked me down and lured me out to the open. We were there for the Ojude Oba festival which is sup­posed to be peaceful. Although my boys tried their best to protect me, they were overpowered by the police who later handcuffed me. The truth is that I did not come out with my charm and besides, if there was any problem among cult members, I will not come out in the open.”

On how he has survived till now, he said since his parents and grandparents were deceased, he has chosen the path of crime because he cannot be engaged in anything meaningful. “I started selling hard drugs especially the one known as Skunk which is stronger than cocaine. Among us, it is known as bible because of the shape. I normally buy one at the cost of N15,000, I will grind and wrap it in a paper at N100 per wrap. At the end of the day, I will make about N20,000 gain from each N15,000 bible. I was also sus­tained by the cult because they knew the impor­tance of having me around them.”

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