#WooferbuzzOnCampus | Out And About At The Just Concluded “Most Beautiful Face On Campus” Pageant In Kogi State University.

By Akoh Joodith (KSU)

The much talked about MBFC KSU was held on sunday 9th November 2014. Kudos to the Gorgeous Queen Aisha and her team for putting the event together.

Red carpet was chick andeveryone was looking glam!
Anchored by both F.Myc and Styno, The event featured performances from various artiste including OC Green the “Sunseyin” crooner (the hottest jam on campus right now).
Everyone was anxious to see the contestants (They were taking like forever)
Finally the moment everyone was waiting for came, as the contestants walked out casuals giving us the Bum shorts and the crop top flavour.
The contestants entertained the audience to a choreography dance. And to tell the truth, they all knew how to shake that body especially contestant number (6).
Afterwards, corporate and traditional wears were showcased by the contestants respectively.
Taiye of Brave clothings also got a chance to showcase his designs alongside his runway models.
Everyone had fun and gradually the event was coming to an end and just as the winner was about to be announced, the event took a new turn. It appeared everyone on stage (including the organizers) were not satisfied with the yet to be announced result compiled by the judges. After a long pause, the judges called contestant 7 and 2 (Faith and Precious) back on stage and they were asked to dance in order to have a fair result. Afterwards, contestant 5 and 7 were called out and declared 4th and 3rd respectively. Within the twinkle of an eye, confusion stepped in. The audience went wild, judges were walking out,stuvs were thrown at the organizers and contestants.
Thankfully thing came back to normal after a while. Miss Elizabeth Ezekiel (Lizzy) was named and crowned “The Most Beautiful Face on Campus” in Kogi State University and Morayo as the First runner up.

I’m using this opportunity to say a big congrats to Miss Elizabeth Ezekiel and we wish her the very best in life. Congrats girl!!
Check out more fun pics from the event below…….

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7 thoughts on “#WooferbuzzOnCampus | Out And About At The Just Concluded “Most Beautiful Face On Campus” Pageant In Kogi State University.

  1. Thanks ya all..really appreciate,my sincere thanks goes to my Oga @ the top☆★☆,precy-presh,bie-bie and all my goons of life for all ya contribution.↑↓MUAH↑↓♡♥♡.

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