Boko Haram | Adamawa To Train 10,000 Hunters To Fight Terrorists

The Adamawa State government is reportedly set to train 10,000 hunters to join the fight against Boko Haram.The trainees will also include members of the local vigilante and the group now known as the Civilian Joint Task Force aka Civilian JTF.

This was disclosed by the State Governor, Mr. James Ngilari , on Monday, November 17, through his spokesperson, Mr. PP Elisha.

Elisha reportedly said that the government had opted to train the locals to enable them understand the rules of engagement which would help them tackle the terrorists the right way.

“This does not give them a licence to take laws into their hands by harassing or arresting innocent members of the society,” he said.

He added that the trainees would be enlisted as members of the Civilian JTF to fortify the towns and assist the military in uprooting Boko Haram from the state.

Local hunters in Adamawa scored a victory after they killed 75 terrorists in Maiha town and also aided the military in chasing out the insurgents from previously captured Mubi.


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