Opinion | What Kogi Beauty Queens Should Learn From Queen Fitsmee and the Likes of Her.

By Jason Damilola Richards
IG @dicemoney45

Firstly I’d like to say that the aim of this piece is not to if I may use the word “badmouth” or tarnish anyone’s image. This article is solely aimed at checking the attitudinal mishaps of most beauty Queens here in Kogi state.

Queen Fitsmee

Queen Fitsmee

Being a beauty Queen is a privilege and this privilege should not be misinterpreted for a Fundamental human right.
Being beautiful for me is a personal thing. As a person, you own it. The beauty Queen title comes in as a result of societal/corporate body’s recognition for your beauty. It is now your duty as a Queen to share that beauty with the people around you and the society as a whole.
Now when I say beauty, I’m not just talking about your face. As far as I’m concerned, the face is just 30 percent of what true beauty entails.10 percent is in the way you carry yourself as a lady and the remaining 60 percent goes to your character/attitude as a person and a beauty queen.
“Wetin be una p?” Being a Queen doesn’t make you bigger than people around you. You can’t please everyone that’s for sure but you can very much be fair to everyone around you.
Talking about being fair to everyone, Miss Ifitunmi Okeme (Apologies for calling you out) is someone I can beat my chest for in that department. I don’t care if she’s faking it but guess what? It works!!! Everyone around her is okay with her attitude. Now that’s what I call being a true beauty Queen.
Learn From her ladies!!! Doesn’t matter if you’re a Queen or not humility is sweet, calming and pays off on a long run.

Speak to people politely, pick your calls politely, chat politely and for God’s sake get to meetings on time. I have had experiences with pageants and Queens over the years both within and outside the state and I know what a real Beauty Queen is like.
Stay positive, be very nice or at least act it, doesn’t make you a fake person and most of all, make a positive impact in your society. No offense, but only few of our Queens were relevant during their reign and in a state where pageantry is the only order of the day, it shouldn’t be like that. And to crown it all, stay relevant and impactful even after your reign I see only one Ex Queen still relevant and still doing something positive even after her reign. Well maybe just two of them.

Long live The Queens!! Past,present and the future ones. And God bless Kogi state.

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