CHATLOUNGE | An Interesting Interview with Grace FM OAP “Dayo Skills” As he Opens Up Much on his Personal Life and More!

By Vicky Uredo

In recent times, The entertainment scene for those of us in this part of the country has witnessed and is still witnessing an influx of bright, talented and hard working young individuals.
Its a general experience I know. But if you were here some 7/8 years ago, you’d probably get my point.Dayo Owoyele the man we all know as “Dayo Skills” is one of those bright, talented and hard working young individuals I was talking about. He, and a host of others,have made “On Air Personalities” people to reckon with in this part of Nigeria.
Enjoy this interesting interview with the one and only “Badoo of Radio” as he likes to call himself

Tell us a bit about yourself (background)

Name – Dayo Joshua Owoyele (a.k.a. – Dayo Skills, The Baddo Of Radio,Mr Leggo!).
Date of Birth – June 21, 1989.
State of Origin – Osun.
Religion – Christianity.
B.A. – English and Literary Studies.
Twitter and Instagram – @Dayo_Skills
Actually I’m the second child of my parents after my only sister ..we’re five in number. Grew up in Abuja and was raised with a difference. I love love,like making friends and making people happy.
I am a Singer,Creative Content Developer, Voice Over Artiste,Producer,Dj,consultant,Dope presenter,Vj,Newscaster,Red Carpet Host,Hype Man,a Poet,Artiste,Songwriter,Rapper,Model,Dancer,Spoken Word artiste,Event Developer,Compere and Much More.
I love being real, I love being dope,I love being me.

What really led you to a career in radio? was there like a defining moment that made you realize ‘this is it’?

I’ve always loved and wanted to be a radio presenter…when i was in secondary school ..I would be wishing I could be a radio host while I’ll be in university studying then venture into my music career when done with school. But i now know God Has His own plan all along. My friends believed in me they knew i could do it (I knew it was possible after watching an interview of Doshima – OAP with Cool fm 96.9 Abuja then,she was in secondary school when she was presenting and casting news).Also, i understood what the radio skills was like without ever going to any radio station. I listened to the radio not as just any listener but as though I was there in the studio with Nike Coker,Douglas Jekan,Jaj Meccadon etc.I felt the jingles, breakers,music bed, playlists, speech flow ,interviews,Ads,Voice Overs and still slept late because I was listening to night shows with Sophie Tarfa of cool fm then.

What was your first job on radio like?

I was meant to understudy at first but when they were not letting me do much of that…I made myself useful by editing songs,and joining the producer to make dope jingles and promos. Then later started creating contents for other OAP’s radio and TV shows. Before i later got a shot at it.

How does it feel being an OAP @ one of the most popular radio station in this part of the country?

It feels great… Knowing for a fact that different demographic and ethnicities feel me and enjoy my stuff on radio. I’m privileged and thankful to God.

How do you like doing the morning show and besides getting up early,what are the biggest challenges for you doing this prime time shift?

Every work has it’s own challenges.. Mine is just different as it causes disruption to sleep,travel,attending church and lots more. I don’t even sleep when I’m on the morning shift the next day..I’ll be awake…working on my contents for the morning show..before leaving for work by 5am. It’s worth more when you know thousands are going to wake up to your voice and want to be filled.

Your programs are really dope I must say. And you got fans calling in from everywhere, how does that affect your personal life?

To be honest… I feel blessed knowing that thousands upon thousands of people which are my Daddys, Mummys,brothers and sisters enjoy what I do. I’m always having fun and being real on-air. So…it keeps me humbled. But now people know it’s Dayo Skills when they hear me speak outside..and for now I don’t really want much of I still roll on low key, Some ladies do feel I have over 50 girlfriends,Different peeps be ringing and flashing my phones,people look up to me now and come to me for advice on virtually any issue at all,even grown folks love and respect me and thought I was some elderly man,…than ever I am a man of my word and live by what I teach or say on radio. So it’s wow actually!.

So the very first time you went on air what was your experience like?

Hmmnnn…To me it wasn’t all that dope ooo! Because i did the shift alone.I wasn’t having fun instead I was being too careful, considering that so so person was voice wasn’t audible enough and got advice and tips from some amazing people.(though they said it wasn’t that bad)..But now I’m Dope and wanna get Doper than I was yesterday.

Who would you say is your favourite Nigerian OAP?

okay lemme first say…I love and feel Shad Moss(Bow Wow),Rick Dees,Dj Envy,Shorty da prince, Angie Martinez and Charlamagne  tha god.
My favorite Nigerian OAP is Charles Bruce a.k.a. Chalz’B (May his soul rest in peace).

Share your most memorable experience with us please

mehn!!! I have many ooo! Okay lemme just share this one that crosses my mind at least everyday. “On my 6th birthday ..just after i wore my birthday clothe (coloured green and black)I went outside the house..And behold it was as if the Heaven was open to me..I felt the power and confidence I couldn’t explain till now. I kinda knew my life was destined to make other people’s lives sweet and blessed.. Through entertainment, music, and creativity. (I was even a big time stammerer then,but it felt as if i was touched by an angel that everything is going to be okay) from that moment I was different, I was confident and i knew myself.

Tell us about your most embarrassing moment on air.

i don’t really have because i tend to forget those embarrassing moments after few seconds. But if i must mention one. it was on the #ShoutOutShowWithDayoSkills and this lady called…though I know her personally, she took my friendliness for granted, I thought . She sounded so dull and sober,So I tried to cheer her up and she just yelled at me “ahh woo..Lemme do my shout out o ahhh!” In a very rude manner like I was talking too much, I felt somehow.

When you are not on-air, what do you like to do for fun and relaxation?

I love children ..Tinuke said to me one time..”Is it you that love children or children love you ..because everywhere you go  you guys connect so good”  I love spending time with them, I love elderly people (grandpa/grandma),I also don’t like being alone only if I’m fasting,being in the company of few friends and making life fun. I compose and write songs,poems,do spoken word,watch BET 106andPark and stay cool.

Where do you consider yourself to be in 5 years time?

To be honest… I don’t really like that very question..(smiles).So five years from now I don’t see myself for myself’s in God’s Hands. Why should i belittle myself in terms of my future with just a mere human thought and confession. I hope you understand?

Are you in a relationship?

No..I’ve not been in any relationship for a long time now.Been so focus instead. (hard to believe..I guess!)

How would you describe your kind of woman.

(laughing) Alicia Keys..My Keri Hilson…Uhrn..she’s got to be the fulfilment.. Beautiful, loving,intelligent, smart,with a joyous spirit,spontaneous,funny, deep,virtuous,supportive, spiritual,freaky, romantic and sweet.

Final words for your fans?

okayyyy… I do not have a fan. (Smiles)..what I have are families, friends and well wishers.
“”” I love them very much and i sincerely appreciate all the love from their heart they’ve shown me, I am so honored, privileged and i remain humbled. God Bless You All..Amen!

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38 thoughts on “CHATLOUNGE | An Interesting Interview with Grace FM OAP “Dayo Skills” As he Opens Up Much on his Personal Life and More!

  1. have always enjoyed listening to ya voice..and now that i know what you look like am happy you have a nice face to go with the voice…thanks for always lifting my spirit♡♡

  2. Wow.. I love all ur shows and cox dey make me come alive and i’ve been followin em all… good work bro. kip it up. I love u and u knw it!

  3. #TheBaddoOfRadio the most loved brother on radio..I’m sooooo proud of you. Like a son,like a brother,like a teacher, like a coach,my DJ,my smile when I’m bored …you have blessed my family times without number without you knowing it.nice, Now I even know how you look like. God bless you Dayo Skills. Keep it up.

  4. Wow he is d best I ever known as a man of unprecedented giant stride, an amiable n selfless person. U r as real as real itself, we can only thank God for having a rare lad in u & wish more greaze to ur elbow.

  5. Hummm…. Aside been an OAP, Dayo_Skills is so humble, that’s the more reason I love you. Yes! Nothing is as Dope as Dayo_Skills shows… If I was asked who made me love Grace FM till date, it’s Dayo_Skills! Greater heights is my prayer for you. More blessings bro.

  6. If a prophet tells you that.. You would make it,Laugh it out bro cuz we all know. Dayo Skills you are born star..and God will elevate you..just as the way you bring joy to our lives and smiles on our faces..God will reward you greatly. You are humble and and sweet..romantic and pretty…smart and intelligent. You are what Lagos is dying to get. Love you bro – Miss Betty

  7. My Boss! my role model,my mentor,..I’m so proud of you Baddo! You inspire us and me and my homies look up to you sir. His shows are so dope and real. Very funny on air. I remember the day I tried calling up to 62 times before I connected.. just to say #Leggo! Greater you I pray ..we believe you die. LEGGO!!!!!!!!!

  8. Superb! I like this. Have heard about him but haven’t met him before.,my fiance loves his show that they sing choruses. Me.. I’m judging from this interview..He is good,talented,skilled,humble and loving. I love his witted replies. God bless you Baddo Of Radio.

  9. Excellent Interview. The distinguised and fabulous BADDO OF RADIO. This is fantastic Dayo Skills. We enjoy you all over our area. We can’t do without your programmes. More grease to your elbow.

  10. Lovely answers…so inspiring and also motivating. It shows the brother is humble sha ooo!see you hair and lips aahh! He rocks the radio like no other.. My mother and sisters are his biggest fan..oh he said he has no Me i love your dope style of presentation. Dayoooooooo my man.God bless you..

  11. Real and unique presenter..sweet voice and beautiful boy you are, never knew your hair is this long ooo..e long pass my own sef chaii!

  12. Whooa..See the display of humility and openness.Everything is well said. I’m very pleased with you Dayo Skills. He’s the most hardworking of them all and the sweetest.. No wonder he got nominated for that national award for broadcasters. The sky is more than limits Sir. We love you mr Leggo!!

  13. well am a good friend of dayo skill.he calls him self dayo but I usually call him D1.He is just a simple guy that live real people.if you want dayo to like you just be real..BJ is still ur real gee….Good luck in ur quest for good life brosssss

  14. This interview is so on point. And this handsome dude Dayo is different. Wish he dropped his number sef. I’m really touched. Enjoy!

  15. I’m seeing so many comments here that shows that this so called Dayo Skills is loved. and even judging from the things he said…honestly I can’t wait to hear is voice and meet him in person. it would be a privilege …Chief Chief from Accra.

  16. wow! brother man is too much,such an humble, sweet and loving guy. I’ve heard about you from artistes and people I can’t remember that you re real and have nothing but love and support in your heart. blessings on you man.

  17. Oaps of nowadays are fine o. this one is even cute and different.You make Grace fm,Kogi,and other states around rock. The whole Nigeria needs to feel you on big screens so they know what they’ve been missing and experience what Dope is. There’s no Dopeness like -Dayo Skills,Tiara say so! love you boy.

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