SAD! Toyin Aimahku’s Marriage To Adeniyi Johnson Allegedly Crumbles!

This gist has actually been going on for quite sometime but because we couldn’t confirm from a very reliable source,we decided to let it be. And now, According to Naija Gossip Queen “Stella Dimoko Korkus”,Nollywood Yoruba actress Toyin Aimaku and her husband have allegedly parted ways. Read her report below……

I am sorry to break this news to you this beautiful Saturday Morning but it is what it is and I exclusively deliver the sad news that actress Toyin Aimahku and her actor hubby Adeniyi Johnson have parted ways!

Insiders allege that the couple have been living apart for over three months but have been trying to hide it from the press..Inside sources say that that Toyin and Adeniyi broke up due to infidelity,which had eaten deep into their marriage.

My source alleges that Toyin used evidence from snooping on her hubby’s phone and caught darling husband red handed in hotel rooms several times with different girls…Infact my source quotes the number of times as almost ”300 times red handed”.

The couple have both moved out of their apartment in Lekki and have both moved on but pretending to be still together…..

Only their close friends are aware of their split and the insiders allege that a
 reconciliation might not be possible because of the ease with which both walked out and have indicated that that they do not wish to be together.

Adeniyi currently has his facebook status as seperated….that is if he hasnt changed it.

Another source whispers that concerning both ”when there is no respect in a marriage,when couples talk to each other without respect and words are no longer relied upon and love has left behind a sour taste,then its time to check why you married in the first place”.

Toyin and Adeniyi had a low key traditional wedding in Ibadan in February 2013 and on July 8  2013 they signed the dotted lines at the Ikoyi registry.
Their wedding was a celebrated affair on the internet and in the print media.

Toyin and Niyi had no child together before they parted ways.

There is no wound that baba God cannot heal,no crack that he cannot seal.
…even though i pray that God restores what the hungry locust has stolen from them and bring them back together,my prayers will come to nothing if they do not want to be together anymore.I wish them all the best.

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