JERRY AND YOUR DOG : How to Prevent Dog Aggression with Other Dogs.

By Akinluyi Jerry CEO Jeak’s Kennel and Securities.

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There is something very disappointing when you find out your dog is incapable of spending time with other dogs due to a habit of aggression. This aggression should never be permitted and even if you generally keep your dog away from others, should be stamped out quickly if possible. The real threat, when a dog has aggression problems with other dogs, is that the aggression will grow and become a bigger threat in the future. It might result in attacking behavior that can put your dog at risk of being taken away and you being held legally responsible. So, far and beyond any other problem behaviors, dog-to-dog aggression must be dealt with immediately.

Preventative Measures

To start with, keep your dog away from other dogs when possible. Use a muzzle and don’t take your dog to parks or down busy streets until you can deal with their problems. If you have a puppy, make sure you socialize them early. Socialization can teach a dog how to respect and handle other dogs, without any potentially dangerous issues popping up. Generally speaking, if a puppy is aggressive towards other puppies,its playmates will correct that behavior quickly. However, if there are no playmates to correct it, the habit can grow and become a problem when they mature.

Stopping Aggression Later in Life

Once a dog is older and shows signs of aggression towards other dogs, you’ll need to take more direct measures to stop the behavior. Many times,aggression is caused by a trigger such as territory, food, or a bed. If you can identify the trigger, training becomes much easier. You also need to ensure you have asserted dominance over your own household.

Sometimes, an aggressive dog is merely trying to assert itself over others. By taking on a strong pack leader position, you can reduce the opportunities for your dog to do this. If your dog has not yet been spayed or neutered, this is an option you may consider, as it can often reduce aggression many times over. Additionally, you may want to visit your vet and make sure it is not a health related issue causing the aggression.

Watching for Warning Signs

Eventually, as you train your dog and assert your alpha leadership position, you’ll need to take your dog into public again. However, you should remain wary of the potential for aggressive behavior. Direct eye contact, posturing, raised hair, stiffened tail, teeth exposure, or lunging are all signs that a fight might occur if left out of hand and a good reason to back away from the other dog.Generally speaking, it is a good idea to avoid other dogs until such behavior can be controlled.

If you are trying to avoid aggression between two specific dogs, you should walk them together and let them get to know each other, avoiding any potential fighting between them. Many times, once you’ve shown your dog that you’re in charge of the space in which you walk and allowed them to acclimate in a controlled environment, they will behave much better when left alone in the future.

Finally, if this kind of behavior continues, you need to see a professional. The danger that is present in dog aggression can be too much for some people to handle. If the aggression ever elevates to violence, you should move beyond my advice and get hands on help or possibly even medication. If your dog is aggressive towards other people, neighbors, family members, friends, children or other dogs.

Wishing your dog a long healthy life,

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