How to Become a WooferBuzz contributor.

At WooferBuzz, we are constantly seeking for talented contributors to join our network of contributors sharing progressive/inspiring content with the global community! Content covers a wide range of areas from business to culture.All contributor positions are unpaid. However, we are happy to put a promotional byline for all contributors including links to their personal projects.

To submit an article, e-mail

We also advice you read the following submission guidelines carefully…


1. Submissions must be positive, thought provoking, insightful or progressive be they ideas (in the form of opinions or articles), news stories, interviews or profiles. Subject areas should include but not be limited to technology, finance, fashion, music, politics,economic development, sports, arts & culture, lifestyle, health, entrepreneurship, social media, e.t.c.

2. Articles can have a general interest focus such as “Ways to grow your small business” or “How to stay disciplined” We would generally publish articles with a general appeal as long as they are inspiring, insightful and can add value and provide opportunities for growth for our readers.

3. Submissions have no specified minimum or maximum. However, entries should be engaging and thoughtful.

4. Submissions should be well edited and within the standards of written English.

5. Submissions should always include the author’s bio.

6. Please adhere strictly to copyright rules. Do not pass on another person’s work as your own.

7. If you submit an article or idea written originally by someone else, please endeavor to give proper credit to the main source. This can be done by including a link or at least name of the main source.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please e-mail

For more information abouts us, Tip off and Adverts, Contact Wooferbuzz via email: or
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