Features : My Sweet Monster! (Must Read)

‘An average man does not believe he is ugly or unsuitable for any lady’…I learnt, and the hard way too! I had gone to a government parastatal to sort out some documentation issues-something that had been stressing me (time wise), until a friend linked me to a man whom I learnt that every ball (as far as that organization is concerned) stops at his table.I put on every charm that I could muster and went seeking this oga…only for me to get there and met this ugly guy with a hunch back. Refusing to be disoriented by my ‘surprise’. I charmed my way into having him see to my ‘issues’ that very day-and I got everything sorted out within an hour…something that had been dragging on for weeks. I said my sweetest thank you, we exchanged cards and I thought nothing of him afterwards.

A few days later, I received an sms that read ‘’Hi baby, I have been unable to get you out of my mind, please don’t do what I wouldn’t do’’…heeeiii…U sabi that kind irritation wey dey make person delete message and sender’s details at the same time? And that kind sms…na ignore (much as you are ‘stewing’) you do-at most.

Some days later, I thought over the issue again and chided myself by asking ‘’what’s that irritation all about, I mean, when has it become a crime for a man to try his luck’’? I promptly searched through my files for his card and gave him a call. I started by saying ‘You have been ignoring me o,who has been scheming to take my place,ehn? They should not let me swear for them o’…he had a very good laugh and when he found his voice,he just said ‘’wayo girl…please go your way’’.At the end of our chat,I just told him that I called to find out how he was doing.

A few minutes after our phone conversation, I received an sms(from him) that read ‘’You made my day…glad I have a friend in you’’…need I also tell you that knowing how much that reluctant effort(on my part) meant to him-also made my day? And I am most glad that we were both matured enough to convert what would have been an awkward situation into some kind of friendship. These days, we call each other up once in a while-just to find out how the other is doing. I have gained so much from his valuable counsels too. Infact, He is that one platonic friend that I have today who I can always count on to never say no to me. 

Great friendships don’t always come in attractive packages… Judge people by mere looks no more.

Ugly men/women often have better hearts than beautiful people.  

So checkup your phone-book and call up some ugly guy today. 

Culled from Laila’s Blog

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