Wooferbuzz Special – 3 People who made 2014 a Memorable Year for us @ WooferBuzz. #Reminiscing

By Wooferbuzz

2014 was a great year indeed, And everyone including brands and organizations is hoping for a better 2015. But most of the time, either as an individual or a brand, it is important to look back and remember those who have contributed greatly to your growth process.And for us at Wooferbuzz, these 3 individuals were wonderful in the year 2014 and we just wanted to say “Thank You”. They have taken the time out of their undoubtedly busy schedule to think,write and give readers what they want. In no particular order, here they are:

– Dayo Owoyele @Dayo_Skills – via the CHATLOUNGE platform, our interview with Grace Fm OAP, Dayo Skills gathered over 7000 views on Wooferbuzz. This for us is a great deal and we say thumbs up to the Badoo of Radio.

– Jerry Akinluyi @jerry_akinluyi – Jerry Akinluyi is the CEO of Jeak’s Kennel and Securities. He is also the brain behind The JERRY AND YOUR DOG weekly column on Wooferbuzz blog. This particular weekly article has drawn a lot of readers and pet lovers to Wooferbuzz blog and for this we say big kudos to Pet expert.

– Vicky Uredo @vickyuredo – Vicky Uredo is the brain behind CHATLOUNGE Series on Wooferbuzz blog. Despite being a new series with only 2 episodes so far on Wooferbuzz blog, CHATLOUNGE is gradually becoming a column to reckon with, having gained about 9000 readers altogether within a short while, it is expected that 2015 will be a great one for this online interview series.

2015 is gradually moving, so we urge you to do what you do best, be inspired and expect more from Wooferbuzz in #2015!

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