Opinion : Equal Rights My Foot. (Must Read)

I am not comfortable when the EQUAL RIGHTS sermon is brought into a relationship/marriage. The old fashioned girl in me sees such as a sermon for the WORK PLACE AND OTHER SOCIAL INTERACTIONS.Marriage is not ‘benefits’ to be divided into two equal parts but a COMMITMENT (by two individuals) to become ONE-in every sense of the word. Be careful how you use words that end up entrenching selfishness in your relationship/marriage.
I will rather preach FAIRNESS when it comes to RELATIONSHIPS/MARRIAGE. Personally, I would desire nothing more from one who sees me as he sees himself, treats me like he would treat himself, sees mine as his’ and his’ as mine. When ‘fairness’ is the bedrock of a marriage/relationship…’rights’ don’t matter. Who drags ‘rights’ with him/herself-anyway?
Ladies… STOP demanding EQUAL RIGHTS from your man…preach FAIRNESS (which means ‘treat me as you would treat yourself’). Honestly, I can’t imagine a more magic word!
Nobody (in his right mind) cheats on himself, harms himself, maltreats himself, shortchanges himself or gets violent with himself . Cultivating the marital virtue of fairness will give your marriage not only equality but closeness, and it will require you to continually work both on your own and together –as a couple.
The ‘successful wives’ are actually more independent than one can ever imagine but in a very feminine way. Those are the women who ‘run the shows’ and still make a man feel he is in charge.
If you want the best from someone, speak to his/her heart.

Laila’s Blog

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