Diary of a Lok-Town Hustler : So I decided to Visit a Popular Brothel in Town.

This Article is based on the true life experience of a young (male) Lokoja resident Enjoy!!

If there’s one thing I’m never tired of, it definitely has to be Adventure! I love it. I live for it. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get me into trouble someday.So I’ve been hearing a lot about this very big popular brothel since I came to town. well, before I eventually decided to go see things for myself, I’ve been hearing lots and lots of stories about this particular place.

You’d hear stuffs like, the large number of girls in that place, the number and caliber of men who visited daily and of course those who prefer to do the take-away kinda thing.

Okay so let’s not bore you guys with the whole preamble and go straight to the point.
I have to confess, this was my very first time of visiting a brothel in reality. Although I had imagined quite a few scenarios like the one you get when you visit a place like the “House of Batiatus” in Spartacus movie series.

This particular brothel I’m going to tell you guys about now, is located behind a popular eatery in town. Although the eatery had been closed down for a while now, the brothel on the other hand, thrives day by day. That tells you there’s something that actually sells better and faster than food “SEX” the demand for it is quite universal.

My people! You’d be surprised at the number of men who mark register in that place daily its just crazy.

So on the very day I had decided to go for this particular adventure, my day had been very busy and by the time I got back home to prepare for this particular encounter, I was damn tired but trust me, I wasn’t giving up on that trip. I relaxed for a few hours then I called my bike man and off we went.

The brothel had a very big compound with a very gigantic entrance. I took a very deep breath, then I went in……..I couldn’t believe what I saw!

To Be Continued!.

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