#CouldThisBeTrue? – A Tale of “The Car and the Crown” #Gossip

#CouldThisBeTrue? Is a rumour based column where unconfirmed stories and gossips are related in a coded way. Its basically for Olofofos, Aprokos, Rumour mongers and YES the smart ones too! *winks* Enjoy!! –On this particular one, fingers won’t be pointed, names won’t be mentioned, two cars won’t be brought and most of all, the superior of the two cars won’t be favored. But just as Wooferbuzz gets to learn of these things, we owe it to our loyal readers residing in kogi, Abuja and Environ to at least let them know what is happening around them. If we can’t paint a good picture by telling them the story directly, we can at least tell the story in a coded way and let only the smart ones figure it out.
It happens that Cars and Crowns have similarities these days. in other words, once there is a car, you will definitely find a crown hovering around. Now here is the question, if there were two or more cars and just a crown what happens?………..its simple!! The superior car takes the Crown!!
Have a good day people and let only the smart ones figure it out!

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