kidnapped Orekoya Kids Reportedly Found!

For the past few days, the social media has been buzzing with the story of an househelp who reportedly kidnapped her employee’s kids. And now according to, the missing kids have been found. Read reports from below……News reaching us has made it known that the three kidnapped Orekoya kids have been found.

Recall that few days ago, news went viral on all social media platforms and even instant messaging services about how three out of the four children of the Orekoya were kidnapped by their nanny, Mary Akinloye, just a night after resuming work as a nanny. Just two days ago also, the parents of the kidnapped kids were said to have lamented about not being able to raise the N13m ransom the nanny and her cohorts were asking for.
However, just few hours ago, the devastated mother of the kidnapped kids took to her Facebook account to announce that her children have been found! The kids’ mother, Mrs Adekunle Busayo Adekunle Orekoya, confirmed this on her Facebook page. However, there are no word yet on if ransome was paid but the kids were reunited with their parents yesterday April 14th 2015.

Here’s what she wrote on Facebook…

We give God all the Glory. Our Orekoya missing Kids have been found.Thank you so much everyone for ur prayers and moral and Financial support all along. The list is endless, of awesome mothers, sisters, business partners, father’s and even kids too. You’ve been amazing! May God grant all your heart desires too. Much love always.

Her Facebook update has however generated various reactions from some of the people who commented who really want to know how the children were kidnapped.

Recall that the nanny who kidnapped the children was employed through a popular commerce-inclined website, OLX. The Country Manager of the e-commerce platform of OLX Nigeria, Lola Masha, spoke on behalf of the company saying the company is indifferent about the kidnap of the children. According to her statement, she wasn’t indeed worried one bit about the boys who are missing, but at the fact that it was on the company’s platform.

She mentioned that these things happen everyday on their platform, insisting that the online platform for e-Commerce business is still the best in Nigeria irrespective of what happened, and that the online transaction between the two women could happen in any other situation and on any online platforms and consequently, it is not peculiar to OLX.

She said, “To protect our customers, we have put several measures in place, to ensure such incidence does not repeat itself.“We also have on our website, specific guidelines on how to transact safely online. We strongly advise users of our platform to follow the guidelines strictly in order to remain safe anytime they are transacting business online. They must also ensure that they do all the relevant background checks of persons that they are dealing with online, and also make sure they check the items they intend to buy before paying for the goods.”


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