GEJ Die-Hard Fan Kicks off Trek from Abuja to Otueke (Bayelsa) in Honour of President Jonathan.

Now that Trekking is the order of the day, another man has decided to join the league of #Trekkers in Nigeria but this time around,he is doing it for President Jonathan as “Hero of Democracy”. Here is what he had to say…..

Hello folks, I am beginning #TreForGEJ our DEMOCRATIC HERO here in Abuja to Otuoke, Bayelsa State NOW 6:00am.
I shall go daily much as my strength can carry. My goal is to get to Otuoke between 24th and 28th May max so I can contribute my quota in the cleaning of Mr. President’s house and participate in welcoming him back.

Kindly follow me @OladeleNihi

By the way, he’s also the first and only trekker updating people on his progress so far. So if you want live updates from the man himself, follow him on twitter.
We wish him all the best!

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