Dangotce’s People Denies His Alleged Romantic Ties with Sylvia Nduka in New Statement.

Sometime last week, we published the story of an alleged romance between Africa’s richest man Alh Aliko Dangote and Ex beauty Queen Sylvia Nduka Read here.Well according to Yes International, Dangote’s people have denied such romance ever happened, and insist they are seriously working to find the original source of the image tarnishing rumour. Read reports below……
According to Yes International, The alleged romance tale involving Africa’s richest man, Alhaji Aliko Dangote and ex-beauty queen, Sylvia Nduka has been described by some insiders at the billionaire’s office as both untrue and unfounded.

According to one of them, the story is nothing but ‘arrant nonsense and total falsehood’.

“Nothing like that exists. In fact, if at all it exists, it does in the imagination of whoever cooked up the story. We are still investigating the original source of the mischievous and misleading story and will definitely take it up with them once we are done with that. We shall also issue an official statement, rebutting the cock and bull story.

“We just can’t understand how someone will wake up in the morning and begin to fabricate and spread falsehood aimed at tarnishing someone’s hard-earned reputation. The story is totally false. Totally false”.

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