Birthday Tribute to My Special Queen, Vicky Uredo.

Sponsored post by Jason Damilola Richards.

Good morning Everyone,
What a special occasion this day is and what a honor it is to write a few Lines as a tribute to Ms Victoria Uredo Adamu, as we celebrate her birthday.Larry Lorenzoni certainly puts birthdays in perspective when he says, “Birthdays are good for you. Statistics prove that the people who have the most … live the longest!”
Now, I’ve been told that a Beautiful write up needs to have a great introduction and a memorable ending – and that both of these should both be close together with not too much in between.
So, Ladies and Gentlemen, to reiterate what King Henry said to each of his many wives … “I shall not keep you long!” (Lols)

Today as we celebrate your birthday, we wish you a magical day that is profoundly happy and richly blessed.
We appreciate the special and unique role that you play in our lives – long may you continue to do so.
Please know that you are admired and loved by your family, as a special and caring friend to many and as a Queen of note. (wife to be) *winks…
Tonight I acknowledge how you are always there for me and everyone around you. when we need you – through times of adversity and throughout the celebrations in our lives. Your strength, your caring and your support continues to brighten our days in so many wonderful ways – unfailingly, uncompromisingly and unyieldingly.
Without a doubt, birthdays can be humbling or liberating ; enlightening or a source of introspection; endured or celebrated with carefree abandon.
We hope that your birthday will be liberating, enlightening and celebrated with carefree abandon with those who love you and care about you.
For this is what defines you and always will.
Happy birthday, My Heartthrob!!
Jason Damilolar Richards.
Ottawa, Canada.

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