CHATLOUNGE: Nollywood Actor and Film-maker “Tom Makolo Jnr” Shares Details of his Personal Life and Upcoming Projects with Vicky Uredo.

By Vicky Uredo @vickyuredo
In recent times, Nollywood has witnessed massive influx of new actors and actresses. One of them,happens to be the talented actor who also doubles as a film-maker “Tom makolo jnr”. He has worked on a lot of film projects and has also worked with some of the big names in the industry that’s why I actually decided to feature him on this very edition of “The CHATLOUNGE”. Enjoy!!

Can we meet you please?

My name is Thomson OJONUGWA Makolo jnr, I’m an Actor, Event mc, Company CEO and an emerging TV presenter in Africa. I was born into the family of late Mr and Mrs john Makolo on the 29th of July many years ago, in Dekina Kogi state. I’m from Odolu-oko in Dekina LGA of kogi state. A Christian by faith and the first in the family of seven, six boys and a girl. I have a diploma in marketing from the Benue state university and with drive for further education. 

Take me down memory lane. How exactly did you get into the Acting/Film making profession?

Acting is a talent deposit and for me, it all started from primary school. I was a very popular student back then because of my involvement in drama,debate and the current affairs news unit. I won the award for best newscaster back to back for four years and also best actor for same number of years. After my secondary school, myself and a few of my friends founded Sensational theater group and we made great marks. I left for makurdi in 2004 after the death of my father through a friend Vivian who was then a student at the Kogi State University studying theater arts. I joined the AGN Benue chapter, met some friends there and together we moved to Lafai in Nassarawa state to attend an audition by Zack Amata for the Soap opera “Winners and lossers”. Moved on to LAGOS for greener pastures, all thanks to Pat Attah who was of great help to me back then. he would always give me money to aid my feeding and all that. Later returned to Lokoja to become the AGN chairman after meeting with the then AGN President Ejike Asiegbu. I got my first movie sponsorship from Dr Lucky Orungbe, the CMD of St Maria Gorethi Hospital Anyigba and that film was titled Makafan, directed by Zack Amata starring the likes of Segun Arinze, Ladi Torty, Sunny Williams, Tom Makolo jnr and a whole lot. Then i got another sponsorship through my little friend Miss Minat Ademu, a little girl I introduced in my first movie, she spoke so well of me to her mother and that blessed me with sponsorship from her mother HAJ Saidatu Ademu that movie was titled OMAYOKWU, directed by Aquila Njamah. And from then till now more has been done. Other jobs are The Necklace, Occultic dream, End game, Blood and romance, Married to myself, Ichaka, Pushed, Nostalgia and still counting. 

So if you were not an actor, what profession would you choose to occupy?

I would probably be a professional footballer or a presenter.

What are your challenges as a film maker and actor especially in this part of the country?

Being a normal thing to human existence, survival and career pursuit, it’s has to be Finance and Opportunities/platform.

So if you could change just one thing about the movie industry as a whole, with the wave of a magic wand,what would that be?

That will be the non compliance, practice/respect to professionalism on the part of both the industry players and the regulatory bodies(Government).

You’ve featured in movies such as ‘The Necklace,Occcultic dream,Blood and romance,Married to myself ,End game, and so on,which would you say was most challenging?

That would be “Married to myself”, the role was a sub major and I played along side top senior colleagues like Eve Eshin, Yul Edochie and Uche Oduputa. I was fighting for the right of my brother in jail ploted by the wife Eve, the boyfriend Yul and playing that part was a very challenging one for me.

Over time, I’ve come to understand Nollywood actually means lots of things to different people. What’s Nollywood to you?

Nollywood for me is a platform/stage for the expression of my talent, a viable market for the promotion of our culture and a channel for story telling. Thereby making me an agent and a brand with social value and by extension employs my creativity and ingenuity. 

What Film or project are you currently working on?

My current films are Pushed, a partnership between my company Bockay Entertainment,Sky beat concept and Cisse productions. Then “Nostalgia” another partnership between Bockay Entertainment and kellywood Entertainment. 

So what should we look forward to?

Look forward to bigger film projects, a content for Africa and the world, look forward to my new TV program coming up soon, look forward to more hard work, focus,drive, determination, because the best is still to come.

Let’s talk about your love life. Who is Tom Makolo jnr dating?

Hmmmmm, hah…. love!!! life!!!. Seriously, am sorry to disappoint you, I’m not dating anyone at the moment, I really don’t know how this will come across to you but that is the fact. With due respect to all the ladies out there of course.

Maybe I should just hook you up with someone then. what are your specs?

I cherish a true African woman with pride, self esteem, respect, dignity and manners. A woman with dreams, aspirations, focus, purpose and drive. she is slim, dark, fair or chocolate can all pass for me. She must be a friend to me, my family and friends, someone who is my sister, mother to me and my kids. A woman of noble character.

let’s say I have the power to give you any actress you desire in the industry, who would you pick? You have ten seconds to answer that.

(Laughs) hmmm that will definitely be the beautiful, elegant and adorable ONYI ALEX.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you.

The fact that I’m an orphan, is something most people don’t know about me.

Can you get married to someone in the movie industry?

Yes yes yes, when love strikes and she falls into my kind of woman, then YES!!!

Who and who do you look up to in the Movie industry? Let’s say Nollywood and Hollywood?

Nollywood – Ramsey Noah jnr, RMD. Hollywood – brat pitt.

Finally,what would you say to someone who wants to pick up an acting career, especially someone from this part of the country?

Believe, pray harder, work harder, make sacrifice, be humble and move on with focus… it is Possible!!!

Thank you.. I love you all.
Deepest gratitude to Wooferbuzz….I’m indebted.
Vicky….. you are special. 
 Thank you.TMJ.


8 thoughts on “CHATLOUNGE: Nollywood Actor and Film-maker “Tom Makolo Jnr” Shares Details of his Personal Life and Upcoming Projects with Vicky Uredo.

  1. Very inspiring story,,wish u well bro in ur pursuits,and to beautifu uredo gr8 job gal,I c u going place,jst keep doin d good wk.

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