Wooferbuzz Exclusive: Introducing “MY HUSTLE” for Young Entrepreneurs & Innovators.

MY HUSTLE is all about showcasing Entrepreneurs and Innovators journey from just ordinary ideas to being a successful reality.While we strive to entertain and educate, we also hope to inspire our readers and show them that there are young people out there who keep striving  to make a difference in their chosen careers. This is why we are introducing the “MY HUSTLE” column where young and thriving entrepreneurs will be telling us how their ideas went from being just ordinary ideas to a realistic business startup.

Here’s what LEE LOWDEN Co-founder and CEO of StockBattle.com has to say about being a true “Hustler”

The word “hustler” has a negative connotation, but it is an extremely important trait in the startup world. Being a true hustler means being a persistent self-starter who kicks butts and takes names. If you are not a true hustler, then you simply won’t make it in the startup world. Don’t stop until you make it big.

We are sharing their experience in hopes that their stories will inspire someone out there to get up and go after there dreams.

Watchout for the 1st Edition of My Hustle

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