Vanguard Allure’s “Latasha Ngwube” Narrates Her Experience with Mo’Cheddah and Her Bodyguard.

Latasha Ngwube

Assistant editor of Vanguard Allure, Latasha Ngwube is not happy with Mo’Cheddah and in her recent, the journalist narrated her recent experience with the singer at an event.Ngwube narrated how the Koma Roll singer asked her to stand up from a seat, which is close to the singer because her bodyguard had the space before the journalist’s arrival.

‘I attended a fashion tea party with my dear friend, Juliet, about two weeks ago and we were ushered to a table by one of the organisers who assured us that it was okay to sit there. The “Koma Roll” crooner whom I have met on several occasions and even interviewed before, was also sitting there alongside two other guests. We cordially exchanged greetings and I settled into my seat to enjoy the event.”

Continuing, she wrote,
‘You can only then imagine my surprise when Ms Cheddah leaned over and informed us that her bodyguard was the rightful occupant of the seat and that he had stepped out to get something. I honestly couldn’t believe my ears and asked her to repeat what she’d just said to which she did and I said to her that if indeed her bodyguard was present, he should be standing behind her chair and not occupying the chairs of invited guests.

‘I mean, really, were we to stand up and move elsewhere because her bodyguard would be tired from wherever he had gone to? Has this Lagos “forming” gotten to this level? What on earth am I going to hear next? Am I a slacker for not having a bodyguard too? Please I think I’d be interested in one and maybe I’d go ahead to even do a Whitney and Kevin Costner type thingy…wink wink.

‘Anyway, after about half an hour the whole thing drew to an end and we left but I hoped I’d catch sight of the guy. Unfortunately he never showed up otherwise I would have taken a snapshot of them both. Mo’cheddah please have a seat and write some more hit singles! Abeg ,’ she concluded.

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