SLICE Interviews Nicole Adehi, Founder and CEO of Valeo. #StudEntrepreneurs – ABUAD

If there’s one thiing we enjoy doing so much @ SLICE, it would definitely be to explore every bit of what our Nigerian campuses have to offer. And on this one, we decided to take on Afe Babalola University,Ado-Ekiti (ABUAD) where the pretty Miss Nicole who is a student/entrepreneur is doing wonders with her camera. Check her out!!

My name is Adehi Nicole Ojone, CEO and Founder of Valeo.
We are registered as a business name under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to carry out the business of photography, modeling , entertainment and general contracts.
I attended St. Louis primary school Kano, Regina pacis college Abuja and currently at Afe babalola university ; Ekiti.

On how she started
I’ve always loved photography as a person and so i just picked up editing, bought a camera along the line and then business followed suit.
I started Valeo with someone but we had a clash of interest along the line and so I just continued alone.

On what the funding for the startup was like.
Personal effort and a little help from friends helped a long way while I was trying to launch Valeo.

On the benefits and satisfactions she derives from doing what you does.
Besides the monetary aspect, I enjoy every bit of what I do.

On challenges so far.
There will always be negative vibes from time to time but then everything eventually falls in place.

Follow Nicole on twitter: @a_ohjay
Instagram: @nicoleadehi_valeo

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