SLICE Interviews Joy Darty, CEO of Daajo Makovers. #StudEntrepreneurs – KSU

This week, we are a long way from ABUAD in Ekiti state. Click HERE if you missed the previous episode. This week, SLICE is @ Kogi State University (KSU)where the beautiful and elegant CEO of Daajo Makeovers is putting smile of faces with her brush. Check her out!!!

My name is Joy Daniel Darty CEO Daajo Makeovers.
We offer classy makeup services that transforms brides, models, wedding guest and every other woman because we believe every woman is a Queen and deserves the best.

Growing up
Growing up has not really been easy, but I thank God for his grace and the wonderful family I was born into. I’m still a student and very soon I’ll be graduating.

On how she started
Makeup has been what I had passion for right from the onset because of my love for it. I developed more interest towards it when I entered the university and I had the opportunity to officially go for the training during the 6months Asuu strike which was in my 300level. (Shoutout to ASUU). My parents were my backbone they pushed me and made me believe I can do it by building my confidence with their word of advice. They encouraged me, helped me both financially and otherwise. It was easy in this aspect.

On what the funding for the startup was like.
The funding is quite expensive because you can’t get all you need as a makeup artist on the spot.

Challenges as a female entrepreneur.
Its kind of challenging to be a female entrepreneur but it takes high self esteem, confidence, smartness, and the ability to mind your business to scale through.

On the benefits and satisfactions she derives from doing what you does.
Interestingly I derive this inner peace when I do my job, I enjoy having fun with my brushes I don’t stay a day without making myself or someone up. I actually love tough jobs that takes my time. its more fun to me.

Challenges so far.
Well, for now my challenges are huge and the environment isn’t helping matters at all but we’ve gotta keep pushing.

Advice for young people.
My advice for young people is, make your passion your profession but it must be in a legal way. When your passion is your profession, you will be happy with yourself and won’t want to miss your profession a day. Thanks and God bless Daajo cares.

To connet with Daajo:
IG Daajo_makeovers

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