CHATLOUNGE | Gospel Sensation “Lord Bishop” Talks Upcoming Album with Vicky Uredo.

By Vicky Uredo

Renowned gospel sensation, Benjamin Atomode Popularly known as Lord Bishop is slated to drop his next album this month and guess what? we couldn’t help but notice the level of anticipation all over,so we decided to have a chat with him, for more deets on this new album everyone is talking about. Enjoy!!!

The buzz about your upcoming album is everywhere and its really amazing considering the fact that we only get stuvs like this with the circular music. What can you tell us about that?

Well, I can’t explain my life and the results you are seeing. Am just doing what I can and what I feel should be necessarily done. When Grace is involved, explanation is not needed and results cannot be denied.

God is an excellent God and if am his child, I should be a role model in all areas for anyone in the industry.

Circular guys understand the need for massive buzz and thus give their best to it. We know this and we will not fold our hands and watch things but we will via Grace make things happen as pace setters.

What would you say is spectacular about this new one we are about to get?

This Album is with a passion to bless lives. This project is for the transformation of lives. I believe God strongly that as people listen to each song, their lives will be transformed.

The project is titled IT IS YOUR GRACE. The essence of this work is to get people to have songs to express and glorify God in their lives.

Do you have any particular song you want us to look out for on the tracklist?

All songs are packaged through the inspiration of the Holy spirit. I want everyone to watch out for all the songs.
What will be my best might not be your bestselling thus, I advice that we listen to all the songs because each song is on a mission for the lifting and transformation of someone’s life.

What other gospel acts were featured on the album?

I featured by the Grace of God, Samsong, Chris Morgan, Ayo Amorin, jonahs Dan, Femi worship and Tolu.

So what exactly would you say inspired this very album?

Well I discovered that my life is what it is because GRACE of God is with me. Am a nobody found by grace to become somebody. I have enjoyed unusual favor and speed beyond human comprehension. Grace is what is at work. These all led to the birth of this Project.

Give us more details on the release date please.

The release date for this Album is the 23rd of August, 2015
Venue : Kafas hall, Phase 2, lokoja
Time: 3pm

So what should we be expecting as a total package?

The album consists of 16tracks highly loaded with life transforming, holy ghost spirited songs.

Finally if you were to describe this coming album in one sentence, what would that be?

it is going to be massively transforming.

Thanks a lot for your time Lord Bishop, we’ll definitely be at the launch to give our love and support.

Thanks!! And thank you for having me.


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