Saraki’s CCT trial Judge, Danladi Umar in Corruption Scandal of his own!

Chairman of the Code of Conduct Bureau, Justice Danladi Umar who happens to be in charge of Senate President Bukola Saraki’s trial may also have a few cases to answers himself.According to reports, Justice Umar was indicted of corruption by the the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission few years ago.

The house of reps on tuesday reportedly received two different petitions against Umar, alleging impropriety as well as the abuse of office while discharging his duties.

A retired Comptroller of customs had alleged that Umar demanded N10 Million bribe from him to dismiss a case against him.

The CCT Chairman is also accused of not following due process mechanism in the discharge of his duties especially in the award of contracts.

He was accused of receiving the sum of N1 million to organize his own wedding on July 14, 2011 and also approving the payment of N4.2 million to Chinox Global Investment Limited for the “replacement of external security light bulbs”.


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