2015 Kogi Gov Election | Why Are We Not Looking Outside The Box?

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So basically our election day is drawing nearer in Kogi state and as a youth, I had to sit back close my eyes,open my brains and try to visualize all the scenarios that had been playing out since this race for the Lugard House started. Truth is this, we have heard promises upon promises, accusation stones have been thrown, stories have been told, gift and cash has been dolled out all in a bid to take charge of the Lugard house in Kogi State. Another thing I can’t deny is that we have all focused our mind, soul and body on a particular set of people in the governorship race, you and I know who they are, God so good we’ve also had our chance to get a taste of their leadership at one particular time or the other (Audu & Wada). And so I asked myself this very big questions What happened to the others we are yet to taste? Why ain’t we thinking about them? Why are we limiting our options to just 2 candidates? Why are we not looking outside the box??

The only question everyone is asking out there is, Are you voting CHANGE or CONTINUITY? Logically, this 2 philosophies are the only options we have in life as human beings. Its either you’re okay with your present position and you want it to continue, thus the CONTINUITY mantra of the PDP or better still you are tired of your current position/situation as a person and you really want a change, thus the CHANGE mantra of the APC.

The choice is ours People!!!
Remember to vote peacefully!!

Note: Click HERE to pledge and endorse peace in the forthcoming Governorship election in Kogi state. Peace is everyone’s responsibility!!!

My name is Tamedu and I’m just trying to make common sense!!


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