Yvonne Nelson & her Obsession with Nigeria Men!!

By Tamedu

What is it with Ghanian Actress Yvonne Nelson and Nigerian Men??Sometime ago, I read someplace online where Yvonne Nelson, that beautiful ghanian actress I love so much called Nigerian men liars. I guess she’s definitely qualified to say so, considering the fact that she’s flogged quite a number of our male superstars I’m talking Iyanya, Ice Prince and a whole lot of others we never got to hear about. According to her, “I can’t say I want a Nigerian or a Gambian or a Cameroonian. When it happens, it happens. But Nigerian men can lie. Nigerian guys can lie for the whole of Africa. They will come with all the lies because they know that women respond to the things they hear. The lies are just so crazy. And I’m not some 19 year-old who just wants to have fun. I’m not in that place anymore. So I’m taking my time to get it right.”

Now the truth is this, most ladies know when they are being lied to even more than the guys. But then you begin to wonder why they still continue no fall for such lies. Greed

Now I’m a big fan of Yvonne anytime anyday! She’s got this innocent look that will make any mofo go on his knees but the truth is this, we can’t continue to allow women blame men for 90% of their mishaps Its unfair to us abeggi.

And now she’s back with another bullet for the Naija fellas. According to a recent publication on Daily post………..

Reports say in September, Yvonne had alleged that one Nigerian man “Elvis Eze” assaulted her for refusing him a hug at her colleague, Ingrid Alabi’s birthday party. She had alleged that Eze chased her to her car and angrily pushed her head.

Speaking in an interview with Multi TV’s ‘Red Carpet Show’, Yvonne said, “Elvis is walking a free man and granting interviews when he should be facing justice.
“I have no idea, maybe you should go to the Airport Police Station and find out from them. It’s a little shady, it’s a little weird that they haven’t arrested him. I mean, someone who is wanted is granting interviews, how is that possible,” she alleged.

“The police know where he lives, they know all the details so it’s up to them, if they tell you they haven’t done anything then blame them.”
However, according to reports, when the Crime Officer, Anyidoho in charge of the said assault case at the station was contacted; he expressed surprise at
Yvonne’s disappointment. “Disappointed in what sense? Why should she be disappointed?

According to the Crime Officer, “Yvonne told me three weeks ago while she was
assisting the police in investigations that the Elvis had traveled back to Nigeria.
“So she wants us to go to Nigeria and look for just an assault suspect, is it a murder?
The information now is that, the guy is in town so we’ll make the two of them come to meet commander and we’ll see what we can do,” Anyidoho added.

Our Nigerian men should please leave Yvonne Nelson alone!!!

My name is Tamedu and I’m just trying tomake common sense.

Op-ed pieces and contributions are the opinions of the writers only and do not represent the opinions of Wooferbuzz.


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