#ChatLounge | Sensational Music Act, Kefchild Speaks on his Relationship with Jaywon and More!!

Olobayo Babatunde, popularly known as Kefchild is definitely one of the hottest fast rising act in the Nigerian Musicindustry at the moment. His blend of unique voice and perfect delivery has got people moving to his tunes anyday. We recently caught up with the #Oluwa crooner and he was kind enough to grant us an interview. Please enjoy this exciting edition of ChatLounge with Kefchild!

Most people know you as Kefchild what’s your real name?

True, people know me as kefchild but my parents named me TUNDE, full name Olobayo Abraham Babatunde

So how did you come about the name Kefchild?

Well, the name kefchild came from kefson which was a nickname of my brother’s friend (Laughs), it was said that i looked so much like him so they started calling me kefson too and i kind of liked the name but one faithful day way back in secondary school, a friend of mine was yabin me calling me kef-son , kef-pikin, kef-baby, kef-child, immediately i heard kefchild i fell in love with the name because i have been looking for a way to change the name “kefson’ because it wasn’t exactly mine. So we can say Kefchild is a nickname that stuck.

How would you describe your kind of music?

I cant actually say i do this particular kind of music or a particular genre of music because i do virtually everything that sums up good music, people say i have a unique voice and i thank God for that so no matter the type or genre of music i do, you will always feel that uniqueness in my delivery. . i do more of afro-pop though but am not limited….(laughs), the boy dey sing anything!!!

Well I know as a child growing up, music was everywhere for most of us; what type of music did you hear the most back then? How does is differ from what you listen to now?

omo no b lie, i grew up in a house of music, i had brothers who would blast music in their rooms from morning till night and i loved listening, from the likes of MC hammer, Fugees,Brenda fasi, to Mark Morisson, LL cool j, Heavy D, Bobmarley,Majek fashek, omo the list long no be small, i just listened to all this wonderful musicians and i guess that was how my love for music started growing

So what made you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in music?

Bros, i no go lie you, i never had the plan or intention of going into music as a profession. Number one, them no born you well make you open mouth tell your parents then say na musician you won be, when they are paying all these school fees so you can become a Doctor, Banker,Lawyer Engineer, Accountant and stuffs like that (Laughs)… You get? So all i did was just enjoy myself, i wrote and sang for the fun of it, though i started as a rapper way back in FGC ilorin even had a group called JKX, we were the hot boys in school then, i would rap and also sing the hooks to the song and i started noticing people always loved my singing more so gradually i started drifting to singing Rnb and pop still for fun though so one faithful day my siblings got hold of my music book mistakenly because then around 2001 na music book be the main thing (Laughs), so they got hold of mine and went through it, i was so scared thinking i would be in trouble because i wasn’t doing too well in school academically but surprisingly my siblings were all dazzled by my creativity, my lyrics, my rhythms were way bigger for my age, they were impressed and showed to my mum she was also impressed and from there they started encouraging and supporting me till date, i have the most amazing family when it comes to support in every aspect.

What do you think your “biggest break” or “greatest opportunity” has been so far in your musical career?

well, so far i would say recording my most popular song presently “Oluwa”…i believe bigger opportunities and breakthroughs are coming but i thank God for that song because it has done and still doing a lot even with my second single “Plenty money” out, oluwa is still disturbing the airways. Oshamo (Laughs)

Well I know you have this close relationship with the likes of Jaywon,YQ and others but I’m particularly interested in your relationship with Jaywon. Can you tell us about it?

For show, na one love thing me Jaywon, YQ, Tunde Ednut,Jahjah and so many others you guys might not have heard of. Kogi boys out here bro, We dey try no be small. Jaywon is more like a brother than a friend to me and we got love for each other and i respect him and appreciate him for the things he’s done for me. We are cool.

Not forgetting the fact that you are actually a Prince from a very strong royal family in Kogi state, how has royalty affected your music career so far?

Actually if not that you guys brought it up i never talk about it because i don’t even like people knowing I’m a Prince, that’s not how i want to be known…(Laughs)…. But its all good. Well my dad is a very loving father, a kind King and a wonderful husband. and then there’s my mum, she’s an angel, an Amazing olori, she’s the Queen of Queens (Laughs)….. Well, being a prince has nothing to do with my art because Lagos na my office and nobody send you for lagos o! If you like make your papa be king or not, all i can say is that it even made the hustle harder because as soon as some people know you as a Prince they start expecting too much from you, they over charge you etc na *gbese .. (Laughs)

So how do your parents feel about your choice in pursuing music as a career?

like i said i have the most amazing family when it comes to being supportive. My mum, my dad ,my siblings, everyone of them one way or the other have been part of my success so far.

Will you be dropping an album anytime soon?

Sure, will definitely drop an album but not now, we still got lots of singles to drop so y’all just sit down relax and watch kef the number one boy…(laughs)

If you had the opportunity to change something about the music industry from your experience so far, what would that be?

omo na piracy o! and the over billing of upcoming artistes by Radio and Tv personnels

Behind every successful young man, there’s always a young woman. Do you want to tell us about her?

Yes, there’s a woman her name is Olori Maria Olobayo….my mother. (Laughs)

Tell us about “A NIGHT WITH KEFCHILD”?

Yeah, A Night with kefchild is a show i have put together to unveil my kef-_pain customized snapbacks and to also give back to my people in kogi state (kabba and lokoja) bringing fun to this year’s xmas. Its gonna be maorder and we coming down to kogi with couple of amazing talented Artist. We also *wanna give upcoming home based Artist opportunity to showcase their talents. Kefpain customized snapbacks is available in Kabba at Innocent clothing. You can also order

That’s great! Last words for your fans?

Give what you love to get, show kindness, work hard and always pray.


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