First Look @ the Full Cast of the Highly Anticipated Nollywood Movie #PrayForMe


This highly anticipated Nollywood double language (English & Igala) movie will be hitting the markets very soon

and judging from the movie’s budget, storyline, locations , online followership and cast, fans have a lot to look forward to in this movie!!

Today 25th of March 2016 (Good Friday) Bockay Entertainment Production issued a press release announcing the full cast of the movie PRAY FOR ME. Check it out below…………


Tom Makolo

Tom Makolo as Odoma (Lead character)


Solomon Akiyesi

Solomon Akiyesi as Agaje (Odoma’s father)


Jummai Joseph

Jummai Joseph as Ichebo (Odoma’s mother)


Ajanigo Simeon

Ajanigo Simeon as Racheal (Odoma’s rebellious sister)


Mercy Simeon

Mercy Simeon as Mercy (Odoma’s supportive sister)


Esther Ojone Edeh

Esther Ojone Edeh as Angela (Odoma’s girlfriend)

Earlyman Adams as Agaje (Odoma’s father -Igala version)

Chenemi Yahaya as AkojI (Odoma’s best friend)

Ugbede Samson as Peter

Peter Achimugu as Paul

Grace Awodi as Bar girl

Gina Edime as Mrs Jeff

David Amade as Mr Jeff

Mirabel Peter as Maria

Idoko Abuh as Ajogwu



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