Don’t Generalize, Be Specific. A Poem by Grace FM OAP Dayo Skills. #Poetry #WiseSayings

By Dayo Skills

Using Words Like ‘Few’,’Some’, And ‘Most’ Is Wise,
Omitting Them Has Made Many Stories A Pack Of Lies,
Not All Nigerians Are Fraudsters..
Please Don’t Generalize,
Even All Angels Are Not Holy Cuz A Halo Could Be A Disguise,

You Should Know Not All Muslims Are Terrorists,
Nice Ibrahim And I Took A Selfie With The Other Tourists,
His Wife Teaches Love For Humanity To Her Fellow cardiologists,
Louis Farrakhan Of NOI Is A True Leader That’s Not Similar To Some Religionists,


Louis Farrakhan

An Adage In Yoruba Says From A Black Pot Cometh A White Meal,
Nigerians And Mexicans Are Not There In The USA To Steal,
Few Of Them Are Messing Up We Know So Do Same As You’d To Lucile,
Tell Donald Trump That Speaking Constructively To The Public Is So Much Ideal,

I Hear A Heartbroken Lady Say “All Men Are The Same “,
RIP John…My Friend Was Faithful Even With His Money And Fame,
Ladies! Don’t Make Your Next Suffer For What Your Ex Made You Became,
Now You Deserve A Better Life So Spark Up A New Flame,
Who’s That Fool That Said On Live TV That “All Women Are Weak”,
Whereas Every Ounce Of Me Respects The Strength Of A WomanIn Everyday Of The Week,
Women Are Heads Of Governments And Prime Ministers Across The Globe…Are You Sick?,
You Can Say Yours Is Weak But I Bet The Repercussion Could Be Thick,

From All Said And Done Not All White Folks Are White At Heart,
Some Are Toxic And It Stinks Like When They Fart,
You Blacks!..Some Of You Are Not Cultured And That’s Not Smart,
Loving Before Judging Is Powerful And Better Than Any Dart,

The Strong Message Is Clear
” Don’t Generalize, Be Specific “,
Stereotyping Should Be More Applicable To Matters That Are Quite Scientific,
Kill All The Elements Of Prejudice In You And  Let’s All Get Prolific,
I’ll Let The  Poem End Like Some, Nigerian  Movies ” To God Be The Glory ”  And That’s Terrific.

Dayo Owoyele♚

Dayo Owoyele aka Dayo Skills is an On Air Personality with Grace FM 95.5 Nigeria.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Generalize, Be Specific. A Poem by Grace FM OAP Dayo Skills. #Poetry #WiseSayings

  1. Thank you Wooferbuzz For Publishing This Amazing Poem.
    This Poem Is For A World🌍 Project.💯
    Human Rights Institutes,NGOs,Forums,Media Outfits, A Renowned Scholar, Various Organizations , My Other Mother And Some Individuals Are Using This Poem For A Great Cause.
    We Appreciate Your Projecting And Blogging It.
    It Means A Lot To Dayo Skills.
    It Means A Lot To Us.

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