18 Year Old Orphan, Vivian Oguche Wins 2017 Miss Teen Kogi Pageant.

CYIC Groomix officially unveiled 18 year old Vivian Oguche as the winner of the 2017 ”Miss Teen Kogi” pageant contest on the 22nd of October 2016.

18 year old Vivian who happens to be an orphan, beat 9 other beautiful contestants to become the new Teen Queen in Kogi state.
The contest which was conducted online and offline by Groomix, lasted for about 3 Weeks and 18 year old Vivian Oguche who is from the eastern part of Kogi state emerged the winner.


As the 2017 Miss Teen Kogi , Vivian Oguche will be working hand in hand with the management of CYIC Groomix to Bring to reality her dreams and that of the brand.




Other Winners are:

Sophia Eredina – Miss Teen Kogi
Unity (1st Runner Up )

Martha Ayede – Miss Teen Kogi Elegance (2nd Runner Up)

Jacinta Yusuf – Miss Teen Kogi Culture & Tourism (3rd Runner Up)

Like the ”Miss Teen Kogi” page on facebook to interact and keep up with her, the brand  and the other Queens activities.

Contact us:
Twitter: @Wooferbuzz
Facebook: Wooferbuzz


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